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T4 Women's Breakfast

25th May 2023. A few Saturdays ago T4 held their first women’s breakfast, a chance for women in the church to get to know each other better and to invite friends along to hear something of the Christian faith. The smell of croissants and freshly brewed coffee welcomed my friend and I at the door, as did the hum of chatter from within the church. After lots of smiles and hellos, we were ushered over to a lovely table of warm pastries, fresh fruit and yoghurts and sat down to enjoy our food. For those with young kids, this was something of a luxury in itself; just sitting at the breakfast table and not having to worry about the bowl of Frosties that has just splattered on the floor or the crying toddler who’s toast has just been eaten by the dog. And relax. It was really lovely to sit and chat to friendly folk about us, a mix of those from the church and friends who had been invited along. It was a great opportunity for my friend to meet others from the church, this will make it so much easier if she comes to church in the future knowing a few faces already. After some time, Lucy interviewed Lesley Somers from our church family. It was fantastic to hear such a real and raw account of how knowing Jesus can impact our day to day lives. It was super encouraging to me personally and I pray something of what my friend heard will have intrigued her to look more into who Jesus is for herself. I asked my friend having already had 2 no replies from others, so I wasn’t hopeful (it was 8.30am on a Saturday morning after all!), but she said yes and I’m so glad I put my neck on the line to invite her. I will definitely be going again next time and inviting more along.

Wiz Chambers


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