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Life Groups at Trinity at Four

3rd May 2023.

The Bible is full of warm encouragement for Christians to meet together, to spur one another one to love and good works, to speak the truth in love, and to uphold one another in prayer. There are a variety of ways in our week that we can do that, such as when we meet on Sundays, or in numerous other informal opportunities (including Meet-up May!). However, many find that being part of a regular small group is a terrific way to live out that biblical vision of supporting one another and deepening Christian relationships. This is particularly helpful as our church family grows, and it just isn't as easy to get to know everyone as well as we might like. Smaller groups let us cultivate relationships where we can have meaningful conversations about the ups and downs of life, and help each other to apply the gospel (and eat cake). Our Trinity at Four 'Life Groups' are our primary means to facilitate this as a church, and are a great way to get to know people and grow together to love and exalt Jesus more.

At present we have a handful of groups meeting in homes or online on weekday evenings. One group meets over lunch on Friday, and there is a group specifically for women that meets on Monday mornings in Holy Trinity with toys to occupy kids for a few precious moments.

This term we are studying the prophet Malachi. Malachi calls God's people to live lives of consistent and wholehearted devotion to a great and worthy God who loves us and has redeemed us. In an easily-distracted culture, with pressures coming from every direction, it is a powerful message to set our sights on God above all; to seek his kingdom and righteousness first, and trust him in everything else.

If you have never tried a Life Group, and would like to, then please do get in touch and I can link you up. If you find the thought of joining a group a bit daunting, the best thing might be to talk to someone in the church family who is in a group already, to hear from them how they find it. There is no harm in trying it out even if you aren't sure - it's not like a mobile phone contract where you are locked in for the next 24 months! You can also support the Life groups by praying for the leaders, and praying particularly that every group member would be richly blessed through our study of Malachi this term, and that relationships would deepen.

Strong, consistent Christian friendships where we can share our issues and pray for each other are a real haven in the turmoil of life - and that is something we all need whether we are in a Life Group or not. As Vaughan Roberts says in his excellent little book True Friendship (available in the lending library!): 'God's plan of salvation is designed not only to restore our vertical relationship with God, but also to create horizontal relationships of loving friendship between human beings in his family. He calls us to himself, not as individuals but as members of a new community... we need good friends who will travel with us, help us discern the right road to take and spur us to keep walking down it.' Do get in touch if you would like to explore how being part of a Life Group can help us to do that together by contacting me at or chatting to me at church. Andrew Cowan


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