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Trinity at Four Life Groups

The Bible uses a lovely phrase - sharing life. That’s what our Life Groups are about: meeting others from church regularly in a smaller group (usually 8-15) to get to know each other, pray for each other and learn together from the Bible.

What is the purpose of our Life Groups?

The Christian life is a journey we walk (‘the way’ was the earliest name for the new Christian movement in the book of Acts), and we’re not meant to walk it alone. We make progress and grow in our Christian walk together. Our Life Groups aim to help us grow together in three vital ‘M’s:

  • Maturity (growing in our faith)

  • Ministry (growing in our love and service of others)

  • Mission (growing in our desire to reach out with the good news to others).

Of course, everyone is starting from different places, but wherever that may be, a Life Group will help you to take the next few steps forward.

What happens at a Life Group?

It depends from group to group to group, but there are some key ingredients across all of them.

  • Bible - we learn together from God’s Word, and seek to apply all He says to the realities of our lives.

  • Prayer - we pray to God for each other, because it's only God who can help us to keep growing.

  • Life - we share good times and bad with each other, supporting each other as a Jesus-centred community.

Typically our evening Life Groups meet each week in someone’s home from 8-9:30pm or so. We currently have groups meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays but expect to start more. We also have a women’s day time Life Group meeting on a Monday morning from 10-11am, with a manned creche.

Who are Life Groups for?

They are for everyone, whether you’ve been a Christian for years or for days; or are not quite sure if you’re a Christian at all yet. We expect a wide range of people, and there is never any pressure to say anything or to pray out loud if you’d rather not. In fact, Life Groups are the perfect environment for those young or new to the Christian faith to discover more and to grow in confidence.

What do others say about Life Groups?

Here are a couple of comments from those already involved:

"With life being so busy, it can be hard to carve out time during the week to spend studying and contemplating the Bible. The women's Life Group on a Monday is invaluable for this. It creates a relaxed and comfortable environment to focus on the word of God and discuss findings - along with a nice cup of tea and piece of cake! Having volunteers to look after the kids is an added bonus!" - Tilly Heath

"Life Groups are a great place to build relationships with other people within the church. It's a great way to get to know people better than just briefly chatting on a Sunday and it's fantastic for delving into the Bible and chatting it through with others in a relaxed environment where we can all ask questions." - Ed Patterson

How can I get involved?

Chat to anyone at church who is already involved and they can tell you more! Otherwise, get in touch with our minister, Sam, and he can point you in the right direction.

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