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T4 Life Groups #3

Continuing our Life Group series, Abi Chambers has written about her experiences in another of our Life Groups this week, which you can read below:

My name is Abi, and I'm part of a Trinity@4 Life Group that meets weekly on Zoom. Under normal circumstances I'd probably be attending a daytime Bible Study group, but the shift to Zoom makes it possible to join in with an evening one. In our group there's 10-12 of us, including a good scattering of ages from 20s to 70s. Several of us were in an original Cluster group together from the first lockdown, and then others have joined the group since then.

On a Wednesday evening we normally chat for a bit, before reading a Bible passage / watching a video on a theme, then we chat through a few questions relating to it. It’s easy to feel isolated at the moment, even in a busy family home, so Life Group is a great way to connect with others from church (and just see some different faces!). I’ve found Life Group so helpful in lifting the focus off my individual circumstances, to regain perspective and encouragement from God’s word.

If you're interested in finding out more about our weekly Life Groups, please do get in touch!


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