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T4 Life Groups #2

Continuing our Life Group series, Sally Jones has written about her experiences in another of our Life Groups this week, which you can read below:

My name is Sally Jones and my husband and I are both retired. I’m a member of a T@4 Life Group meeting once a week, on Zoom currently because of the lockdown.

The beauty of this technology is it allows us to meet up wherever we happen to be, visiting relatives in the UK, or as far away as Malaysia at the moment doing the same!

Being part of a small church family group (10-12) like this, particularly with the isolation for many people during the pandemic, meeting for a bible study, prayer and a relaxed chat, is invaluable. We can share joys, sorrows, problems and help each other in practical ways too, in our Christian journey.

Whether you’re just starting off on this journey, or have been at it a long while, makes no difference. It is delightful to be with a group of young, old, married, single, parents and grandparents. I personally have discovered something unexpected each session, about bible passages I’ve read many times before and about myself as well.

Additionally and perhaps more importantly, I’ve learnt yet again that it’s a book that is new and exciting forever.

If you're interested in finding out more about our weekly Life Groups, please do get in touch!


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