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T4 Life Groups #1

We're now into our second term of Life Groups: last term we worked through the Discipleship Explored course, and this term we have started looking at God's Big Picture. It has been a great chance to meet together, share prayers and study the Bible - crucial under the current circumstances where we are unable to connect in person.

This week, Vicky Smiley (left) and Anna Williams (right) have shared some reflections on their experiences of Life Group:


My name is Vicky Smiley and my husband and I are members of a T4 Life Group. There are 10-12 members in our Life Group and we meet weekly on Zoom. John and I are grandparents in our seventies and the other members range from a young couple with no children to families with children ranging in age from 2-20.

We find it works well having people of different ages and stages in the group sharing ideas and experiences and learning about the Bible together. We really appreciate the caring and commitment of being part of a group where we can work through Bible passages together, pray for each other, and offer support and encouragement in many different ways. This is particularly important during the Pandemic when we have limited face to face contact and life can become very stressful.

We also have a WhatsApp group so we can contact each other quickly for urgent prayer when needed. Again, valuable support.

Meeting via Zoom may not be ideal, but it has huge advantages. No more cold dark car journeys, parking worries, or childcare problems. Instead, sitting in our own warm kitchen with our slippers on!


My name is Anna and I'm in a Life Group with a lovely mix of people, who all have something to give to the sessions!

The interactions themselves - albeit online - have been encouraging, through learning about God's Word and sometimes vulnerability within shared reflections. We are at different stages of our Christian faith or understanding, but there is an experience of warm fellowship within the Life Group which is certainly a blessing as I'm learning to listen and let my guard down.

My faith journey is encouraged by these things and that's why being part of something like a Life Group is beneficial and could be very valuable for anyone wanting to learn more about the Christian faith!

If you'd like to hear more about Life Groups, please do get in touch.


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