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Our Family Track

Whilst churches are able to continue meeting during national lockdown, we are not permitted to run our children's groups. Instead, children must remain with a parent or guardian at all times. This is also the case when under Tier 4 regulations. Whilst this is the case, we will be running church in 2 parallel tracks, both happening at Christ Church, in the main church building and in their main hall.

Main Session (Christ Church main building)

  • 4:00-4:50pm

  • Led by Sam Brewster

  • Songs, talk, prayers pitched at adults

  • Activity sheet for older children (8+)

  • Children of any age are welcome to sit with their parents

  • The concourse will be set up with a livestream for those with 0-2 year olds who will struggle in the main building.

Family Track (Christ Church main hall)

  • 4:00-4:40pm

  • Led by Peter Greenman and Lucy Brewster

  • Songs, Talk, Prayers pitched for children (2-7s)

  • Sitting in family groups, supervised by at least one parent/carer.

  • Older children also very welcome

The family track will be interactive and provide a great chance for parents to explore the Bible together with their children. There will be teaching and activities suitable for the full 2-7 age-range. The talk in the main session will be recorded each week in case those in the family track want to catch up with that later in the week.

This new temporary set up is intended to be flexible.

  • Some families may choose to attend the family track en masse

  • Others will choose to stick in the main session all together

  • Still others will split up, with one adult in each session.

How you choose to use these arrangements will depend on the age of your children, and your particular family set-up. We simply want to serve the full spread of our church family as well as we can during this period, and would love to hear your own thoughts or suggestions as we move forwards.


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