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Everyday Evangelism conference - June 2024

Last Saturday (22nd June) 5 people from Trinity at 4 attended the “Everyday Evangelism“ conference at St Mary’s Maidenhead: 3 very different talks interspersed by interviews.

Simon Edwards, pastor, writer and speaker talked about sharing Jesus with wisdom and courage..It is not our ability but our availability to share about our God who is bigger than all our fear or feelings of inadequacy. Talk with people not at people. Witnessing is not a preach but a conversation.

Matthew and Anna Price have a church in an extremely deprived area in Norfolk. It was inspiring to hear how they have reached out to the nearby estate and local community and seen amazing growth. Starting with a lunch for the elderly, then a youth club they seek to serve the needs of the community in which they live, AND welcoming help from the community itself as they, not necessarily believers, share in God’s mission. The challenge from them was ”What are you focusing on?”

Nay lives in Southampton. 20 years in student evangelism and has set up ’Passion for Evangelism’ to empower and equip women.

Friendship is so important. Do what you love, do it with others, do it often. Speak clearly, love dearly. Do differently (eg a party at halloween with dressing up and cobwebs etc but ending up in the light— they had 600 pass through the church!!)

We all enjoyed the day.


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