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We're moving house!

In the run up to our recent house move, a favourite moment was when our 3 year old daughter, Jo-Jo, sitting next to her new brother, Barnabas, looked up at us and said “Will we bring Barney to our new house?”

“That’s the plan”, I replied, “although it does depend on whether his night time sleep improves.”

Trinity at Four is moving house! From Sunday 25th October, our Sunday meetings will take place at Christ Church, Henley. But whilst our Sunday accommodation will change, we’re bringing the whole family with us. In that sense, nothing of great substance will change at all.

1. Our church family is coming with us

At least I very much hope you are! For some, the pandemic experience has helped you to feel much more part of our church family, and I hope now meeting together in one gathering rather than two, will further grow that important sense of belonging. For others, the pandemic experience has actually left us much more disconnected from church family. Why not see our re-start at Christ Church, as a great opportunity to re-engage.

It’s exciting to be able to resume children’s groups, and for them to gradually rebuild relationships with church friends after a long period where that’s been much harder.

2. Our vision and priorities are coming with us

When Trinity at Four came into existence 2 years ago, our vision was to reach out to our community with the good news of Jesus, in a way that anybody of any age could access. That vision remains the same. In fact, I’m very excited about the way that the Christ Church facilities will make it even easier for us to do, even if we’ll continue to be constrained by the pandemic for a while yet.

A move of location is a great opportunity to invite newcomers along, so why not think about who you could ping an invitation to right now?

3. Our growing partnership with Holy Trinity is coming with us

Holy Trinity has been much more than just a building for us. We have all benefited hugely from the godliness, warmth, engagement, and gospel partnership of Duncan Carter, the Holy Trinity minister, and of the Holy Trinity church family more widely. I remain licensed by the Church of England through the Holy Trinity parish and we are currently working on exciting plans to continue developing this partnership, which I hope to talk more about in the New Year.

4. Our dependence on God for everything is coming with us

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that our own control of life is extremely limited. That’s true as individuals, and also as a church family. As we take this next step on our journey together, it’s a step we take entirely depending on God for the days ahead. Our church family story of the last three years has been one of provision after gracious provision. I remain increasingly convinced that that Lord has exciting plans for us all, so can I encourage you to get on board, and even more importantly, get on your knees and pray.

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