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Will you join a Trinity at Four Life Group?

One of the things that I think a lot of us appreciated about church in lockdown was our cluster groups. For some, it was our first experience of being in a smaller group. And I know that lots of positive relationships have been built, and they have been a real support for many.

So can encourage you to get involved as we re-launch small groups this term? Life Groups will meet mid-week to deepen friendships, discuss the Bible, and pray together. Here are three headlines to know:

  1. Continuity

Where positive relationships and connections have been made in cluster groups, we’ll aim to keep those the same so it shouldn’t feel like starting from scratch with a new group of people. Those who were part of a life group pre-COVID, whilst these will not simply ‘resume’, we will also aim for continuity. One of the strengths of the Cluster Groups was having a real mix of people, all at different stages in their Christian walks. We would love that to continue as we relaunch our Life Groups.

  1. Flexibility

One of the lessons of COVID was that technology allows us to get around some of the logistical challenges to being part of a mid-week small group. Many of us struggle to get out in the evenings regularly, because of kids. So we’d love to have a number of groups that will continue to meet mainly online, with perhaps a monthly face to face catch up. Others will prefer to meet in person, where government restrictions allow. So we’ll also aim to have groups meeting mainly in person when that is possible.

Pre-COVID, we have also had a brilliant day time women’s group, which we would love to start up again when possible.

  1. Being connected

The cluster groups kept us connected at a time when we couldn’t physically meet. Whilst we can meet again now, it’s likely that from time to time we will need to miss church whilst self-isolating. It may also be harder for us to have the same kind of post-church social time. Which means it would be very easy for us to gradually feel drift away both relationally and in our faith. I think being part of a small group will be an important way of guarding against that.

We’ll be talking more about this over the coming weeks. But for now, please take 30 seconds to let me know what’s going to work for you by filling out this google form.

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