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T@4 Music Ministry

Psalm 95 says “sing a song of joy to the Lord” and it’s something that is to be part of our Christian lives in congregational worship as we encourage one another in our faith, sing truths about God and respond to everything God has done for us. So there is much to sing about!

In this week's Spotlight we showed how everyone can raise their voice in song to the Lord, no matter how you feel about your singing voice. The Lord has also given gifts of music to many, and if you particularly enjoy singing, there is an opportunity to do so as part of the choir at Easter. There are three W

ednesday evening rehearsals to learn an SATB anthem.

Perhaps you play an instrument? We are running a “come and play” afternoon on Sunday 1st March, and this is a great chance to play through some of the songs we sing regularly at our service. This doesn’t mean you have to join a band and play up front straight away, there are lots of ways and times to be involved with music at T@4 where many can use their gifts to serve the congregation.

So, if you would like to be more involved in the music ministry in any way, do get in touch. Feel free to catch me on a Sunday too if you want to chat through what might suit you!

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