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An evening with Iona Rossely

It was a great evening last Monday as we all packed into Harris and Hoole coffee shop to listen to Iona's life story.

So much of the drive of sport resonated with me as she captivated us by her amazing story of determination and perseverance to be the best as a professional speed skier and horse racer.

She explained how her identity- tied in with her worth and value, was measured by her sporting successes. But through a process of being stripped of all she treasured, she found Jesus, and in doing so her true value and identity bringing a freedom and wholeness that she had never known.

It is so true that whatever drives us seeps into every area of life, as shown when she decided to go to bible school the second she encountered Christianity!

It was humbling to remember that when we feel like we are in a dark place, God is still there and doing a work in our hearts. It was a personal challenge for me to remember to look to Him in these tough times that do come, expectant to see what He is showing me, how He wants me to lean on Him, or pointing to my need for Him to break something out of my life. My natural inclination is so often to ‘hole in’ and try to work things out myself, but it is not God's will for us to be self-sufficient without Him.

Amongst lots of laughter, the seriousness and beauty of a personal relationship with Jesus shone through and a reminder to us all to let Jesus lead our life and path above any other drives or motivations.

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