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Introducing..the new Church Administrator

My husband, Ed, and I moved out of London just over a year ago and are now living in Caversham. Ed works in an IT firm in Maidenhead and I spend my time trying to get to grips with motherhood and now - as of a couple of months ago - working as Trinity at Four’s Church Administrator.

I am really enjoying my new role: not being a natural ‘techie’, I’m learning lots of new skills, such as (very basic) website maintenance, setting up a new church database, using previously unknown websites, learning various marketing techniques and doing general administrative work..along with whatever else pops up! It’s all great fun and a real answer to prayer at this stage of our lives, when I was reluctant to go back to full time work, having had our baby, Theo, 9 months ago.

Aside from the joys of learning new skills, I absolutely love working for a church which has served us and many local families so well over the past year. Trinity at Four is one of the most welcoming churches we have ever been to and we feel part of a very supportive, loving family.

As we continue to adjust to my new roles as both church administrator and mother, we would value prayer for me to be able to use my time wisely - to make sure I compartmentalise work and home life so that I can share quality time with Ed and Theo. Pray also that I would prioritise quiet times in prayer and Bible reading so that I would daily remember Who it is I am serving.

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