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Meet the Henshalls

Vic Henshall will be starting as our Music Ministry leader in September. On Sunday we enjoyed getting to know her and her husband, Jamie, a bit as Sam interviewed them up front and you can find out more about them below...

Who are we? Hi there, we are Vic and Jamie Henshall and we are very excited to be joining Trinity@4 in the near future! We have two daughters – Eva (2.5) and Annie (5 months).

About us… We currently live in Maidenhead and attend St Marys church where we are involved in various aspects of church life including music, home groups and service leading. Vic is a secondary music teacher and choral director while Jamie is a scientist involved in pharmaceutical R&D.

What will we do at Trinity@4? Vic will be starting a new role leading the Music, which will be a part time role which she will balance alongside her teaching role at Beaconsfield High School and her job as mum to our two girls. Vic has many years of experience in church music from her time at StAG in Cambridge and St Marys in Maidenhead and is really looking forward to serving at Trinity. Jamie will take some time to find the best ways to be of service but I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities!

Please pray: - For the house move (hopefully on the 29th) that the whole process would go smoothly. - For us as we settle in to a new town and a new church, that we would build good relationships. - That we would serve the LORD faithfully and wholeheartedly over the years ahead in Henley.

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