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Big Church Day Out 2019

Big Church Day Out takes place on the late May bank holiday weekend and is a 2 day Christian music festival with music across the genres on different stages, each with their own individual feel. There is plenty to do for all ages - our boys are 9, 7 and 3 and all particularly enjoyed the free inflatables in the children's fete area! There is dedicated children's worship and a huge variety of activities for the children to enjoy.

This was our 7th year as a family attending Big Church Day Out and it didn't disappoint! It has grown year after year and yet still has a family friendly feel and is not particularly overcrowded.

We were blessed to join Debbie, Jaco, Jacob and Neave camping with their old church community. We shared in the communal breakfasts and dinners together with freedom to make our own lunches. It was lovely to be surrounded by a community whilst amongst so many other campers and to have a dedicated main stage area to sit together after a few years of being at the festival just as a family.

Washing up together at the campsite created opportunities for us to bond with each other and worshipping together in the evenings along with 20,000 other Christians of all ages and denominations is moving in a way that words can't really describe.

Our highlight this year was seeing Rend Collective headlining the main stage. Their passion and enthusiasm had everyone up dancing and praising God and they humbly pointed out that they are just imperfect humans like the rest of us. The panda heads came out and there was Irish dancing aplenty!

We enjoyed seeing the Abram Brothers, the Watoto Children's Choir (from Uganda) and Wildwood Kin at the relaxed Tearfund Tea Tent. The Wildwood Kin were new to us this year - Big Church Day Out is such a great place for finding new music to enjoy worshipping along with.

It's hard to put the experience of Big Church Day Out into words. Worshipping God outside alongside so many others each year is incredibly faith affirming and encouraging. Camping, singing, watching the sun going down together, hearing about the amazing work of Christian charities, seeing the Cross appear in lights on the hillside in the distance - the weekend is made up of many moments to be grateful for. Perhaps next year you'd like to join us...? We'd love that!

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