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A great start for Ignite!

On Sunday 10th March, after guest-preaching at Christ Church in Henley, I had a conversation with 2 mums of teenage children. It soon transpired that they had a few post-primary aged children, but not enough to run a weekly youth group. At Trinity at Four we were in a similar position. Cogs turned, and pennies dropped. Could we run something together? A few weeks and a number of meetings and conversations later, Henley Baptist church were also on board, being in a very similar position.

The idea was born, and with God’s hand of provision at every step, it’s wonderful to report that our first ever ‘Ignite’ youth group took place on Friday 7th June, and it was brilliant! About 20 kids from all three churches and a number with no church connection were there, and seemed to love it. Pizza Express are kindly giving us some pizza each week to kick the evening off. There are games, and there is a 10 minutes talk pitched at the right level with discussion groups after.

The goal of Ignite is simple: To be a group where children in year 7+ can meet together to have fun, socialise, and hear more about Jesus. We want Ignite to be a place where church-kids have a critical mass of peers they can make friends with, and be supported by. We also want Ignite to be a place where it’s easy for teenagers with no church connection to be invited and hear about Jesus too.

So we were thrilled to have such a good start. Please pray for Sam Brewster and Andy Clubley-Moore who are Ignite’s Trinity at Four leaders. Pray for a fruitful partnership with the other churches, and for many teenagers across Henley to hear the good news through Ignite.

Ignite will run in term time on Friday evenings, 5:30-7:00pm at the d:Two centre in Henley.

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